Let’s Celebrate!
Take part in the 2015 Heart-to-Heart Charity Walk
The CHF annual walkathon will be held on Sunday, 1 November at the Peak.


Over two decades, the Children’s Heart Foundation has spent over HK$8,000,000 on sponsoring almost 400 children receiving treatment of congenital heart disease. To celebrate the success of our effort, you are cordially invited to join the 2015 Heart-to-Heart Charity Walk and celebrate together!
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Date :
Sunday, 1 November 2015
Time :
9am – 1pm
Registration counter will be opened from 9:00am to 12:00am.
Opening and presentation ceremony will be started at 9:30am.
Venue :
The Peak Galleria
Route :
From Harlech Road to Lugard Road. (around 1 hour)

Details :
- Charity walk
- Fun games booths
- On stage variety show
Minimum donation :
HK$200 / head

*Free shuttle bus from Admiralty to the Peak is available between 8:45am-9:15am.
* A gift and a bottle of water will be presented to participants. The 5 participants with the highest amount of donation will receive a special gift. (i.e. 5-star hotels’ dining coupon, theme park’s admission tickets, or etc.

3. What is the Charity Walk?

The first CHF Heart-to-Heart Charity Walk took place in 2000. It has since become an annual event, raising more than HK$10 million to support the CHF’s charitable services. Let’s join together this year to support children with heart disease and take part in a healthy activity.

4. Objective:

  • To raise public awareness about congenital heart disease.
  • To promote the importance of exercise on heart health.
  • To raise funds for the Children’s Heart Foundation.

5.Targets Funds :

6.Join the Walk :
A. Enroll :

B. Collect donations and complete the sponsorship list
C. Payment :
  • Crossed cheque made payable to ‘Children’s Heart Foundation’ to CHF office (together with the registration form )
  • Direct deposit to the CHF bank account in Standard Chartered Bank (HK) Ltd. A/C NO: 447-1-034943-5. Send the bank slip with registration form to CHF office
  • Make the payment online (The Service Company will charge the CHF an administration fee of 3.5% - 4% for every transaction). Print out the payment confirmation and send it back to the CHF office.
  • Submit the payment on or before 15 October.
D. Walk :
  • Present the registered form/ the online confirmation slip together with the donation at the Registration  Counter at the Peak Galleria at the given time.
E. Receipt :
  • CHF will issue official receipts according to the sponsorship list. The receipts will be sent within 4 months of the event to the address given by the representative.
F. Remarks :
  • All submitted payment record/cheque shall be sent with a copy of the registration form to CHF.
  • Pre-registration by faxing the completed form to CHF is needed on or before 15 October 2015.
  • Minimum donation amount per head is HK$200. Receipt will be issued for donations of HK$100 or above.

7. Important Notes :

  • Participants aged 12 or below must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Limited hourly parking space is available at the Peak Galleria.
  • To take the free shuttle bus, please fill in the registration form (no. of people taking the free shuttle bus from Admiralty to the Peak) and board at the bus stop at Admiralty Centre (Exit A of Admiralty MTR Station) between 8:45am-9:15am.
  • Friendly pets are welcome. Owners must maintain good control of pets at all time and are wholly liable for any damage or injury caused by the pet during the event.
  • The event will be cancelled due to bad weather in which donations are not refundable. You are encouraged to keep processing your donation to support the children with congenital heart disease.
  • A Walking Pass and a gift will be presented to participants with minimum donations (HK$200 per head).
  • Any personal data collected will be used for the CHF Charity Walk only. All data will be kept confidential.

8.History :

The 15th CHF Heart-to-Heart Charity Walk 2014 took place on 12 October at the Peak. Over HK$1.7 million was raised with the support of nearly 5,000 participants and over 200 volunteers.
Under the theme “Pump up to help children with heart disease”, participants were encouraged to show their support to children with heart disease and families by walking the 3km Peak Morning Walk Trail and making balloon art.
The event was supported by the Secretary of Food and Health Bureau, Prof. Sophia Chan, Dr. C.C. Luk, Mr. Duncan Pescod, Dr. K.T. Chau.
Themed with the “Hug and Love” theme, the walk had completed with a great success on 27 October at the Peak. Around 5,000 participants and over 200 volunteers attended the walk with over HK$2 Million raised that has broken the CHF record.
The participants were encouraged to post a “hug” photos with warm messages on the facebook not only helped raising the public awareness to the congenital heart disease children but also giving a great support to the kids and parents.
The event was supported by the Secretary For Food and Health, Dr. Ko Wing-man, the Honorary Patron of the CHF, Mrs. Selina Chow, the Honorary Advisers Dr. C C Luk and Mr. Duncan Pescod.
With the theme of “Support the Rainbow”, over 5,000 participants attended the walk with near HK$1.7 million raised. It was our pleasure to have the Secretary For Food and Health, Dr. Ko Wing-man, Mrs. Selina Chow Dr. C C Luk and Mr. Duncan Pescod together with various local celebrities to participate in the event, appear on stage and promote children’s heart health.
With the theme of “Heart-to-Heart, Be-a-Part”, all participants walked in pairs with a bracelet binding them to experience the shared feeling of care, tolerance and acceptance – a reflection of the sacrifice parents make for their sick children. With the support of Permanent Secretary for Food and Health (Health), Mr. Richard Yuen, Mrs. Selina Chow, Dr. C C Luk, the “Heart-to-Heart Charity Stars” Miss Toby Leung and Miss Vangie Tang, we raised over HK$900,000. Over 2,500 participants and over 230 volunteers joined us on the day.
The theme “Children's Heart Forever” (永保童心) reminded us to work together for the children while staying cheerful and energetic like a child. Almost HK$1,000,000 was raised with the support of Mrs. Selina Chow, Mr Duncan Pescod; Dr. Luk Che-Chung; Miss Hong Kong 2010 Champion - Miss Toby Chan; 1st Runner-up - Miss Sammi Cheung; 2nd Runner-up - Miss Lisa Chong; nearly 3,000 people participated.
10th Heart-to-Heart Charity Walk, with guest of honour Mr. Shane Soloman, Chief Executive Officer of the Hospital Authority. Almost HK$850,000 was raised with the support of Mrs. Selina Chow and Mr Craig Armstrong, Chief Information Officer of Standard Chartered
The 2008 Heart-to-Heart Charity Walk at the Peak saw 2,500 participants raise almost HK$1 million. The event was supported by Mrs. Selina Chow, Dr. Lawrence Lai, Mr. Bowie Lam, Mr. Deep Ng and Ms. Sherman Chung.
The charity walk was held at the Happy Valley Race Course, with 2,500 participants raising HK$800,000.
The Walkathon held at Tai Tam Country Park was a challenge for the 3,000-participants as it included a steep incline. The walk attracted the largest ever number of participants.
The 2005 Heart-to-Heart Charity Walk was a success in terms of the amount of funds raised and the number of participants. Miss Christie Woo and Mr. Ng Tung took part and completed the walk.
Guests of honour were Mr Paul Tang, Director of Social Welfare Department, Mr Peter Sullivan, Deputy CEO of Standard Chartered Bank (HK) and Mr. Mike Daley, Vice President of Mattel Inc. Mr. Andy Hui-CHF Heart Ambassador also joined the event.
Guests of honour were Mrs. Carrie Lam Director of the Social Welfare Department and Mr Peter Wong, CEO of Standard Chartered Bank (HK).
Guests of honour were Mr Tsang Yam Pui, Commissioner of Police, singers Mr. Alex Fong and Miss Rain Lee.
The 2nd Heart-to-Heart Charity Walk, with guests of honour Mr Nicholas Tse and Mr Eason Chan.
1st Heart-to-Heart Charity Walk, guest of honour Mrs. Alice Chiu.

9.About the CHF Cups :

i) Objectives :

  • Encourage public support for children suffering from heart disease
  • Increase enjoyment of the Walk.
  • Promote the importance of exercise.

Types of CHF Cups :

Assessment Criteria
Royal Cup
The most funds raised: Team or Individual
Caring Cup
The largest number of participants in a team

ii) Join the CHF Cups :
All participating teams and individuals are automatically entered in the CHFs "Royal Cup" and "Caring Cup".

iii) Result :

  • Award presentation will be held at the opening ceremony of the Walk.
  • Winners will be awarded with the trophy and souvenir.

10.Sponsors & Supporters
We would like to thank all our sponsors and supporting units.




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